You have a general idea about what your PMs and Analysts care about.  You can slightly recall it off the top of your head.  But, is that enough to put you and your investment team at an advantage?

Some might argue that it is.  But, if you want to improve your relationships with your investment teams, here is why you should know exactly what interests them.


You want to be a genie

If you are a COO, Director of Research, Broker Liaison or in a related role, you want to be a genie.  You want to proactively present research providers that interest your investment team.  Matching your research providers’ capabilities with your PM’s preferences leads to more productive conversations.


Smarter account decisions

Optimizing the relationships you already have with investment research providers is key to winning over your investment teams.  In some cases, cutting back on research providers is necessary.  Knowing both what your teams care about, and their purchase trends arms you with intelligence to suggest and make account improvements.


Reclaim time

If it’s not obvious, tracking preferences will save you a ton of time – your most valuable resource.  It also saves your memory…literally.  Instead of trying to play the matching game in your head between a research provider’s service offerings and the investment team that cares about them, you would refer to your software instead.  It’s the difference between picking up a physical address book and using the internet to find the phone number to your favorite restaurant.

The time you recoup could be better spent on other significant projects – or on those much-needed ‘networking’ lunches.


Reduce costs

If it saves you time, it also saves you MONEY.  Using software to track your contracts can reduce your operational costs by up to 30%*.  You’ll have more opportunities to see your business from a 1000 ft. view and address service gaps.  The data you have will also substantiate your messaging within the firm.


Being armed with the right information gives perspective, helps you reach budgetary goals, and will make your Investment Team welcome that 90-second chat with you.