It’s all over the media.  More and more people are obsessing about getting a head start, waking up early, and mastering the day.


We are in an age that seems to value career over personal development.  But imagine this…you made a presentation to the head of your firm with zero preparation.  The result might leave you disappointed in yourself saying, ‘if only I prepared, things would have gone much better.’


Fact is, we give our careers much respect in terms of preparation, but we lower the bar on self-prep.

Our sense of accountability at work should be matched, if not doubled, when it comes to ourselves. Hence, Phase 1 is the Accountability Phase.


Phase 2 – Payment


You work hard for others.  It’s time you work hard for you.  You owe it to yourself to GET PAID IN THE MOST VALUABLE AND ELUSIVE CURRENCY…time.


Pay yourself at least 90 minutes.  For example, if you must leave the house at 7:30am to get to work on time, then you’ll have to get started by at least 6am.  Once you manage to get up, move on to the next phase…


Phase 3 – The Training

Do NOT snooze.

Take it from a former snoozer.  I lost my morning every time I hit the snooze button.  Now, I throw my legs over the bed and sit up.  It might take a few seconds to realize you’re awake – particularly if you’re a heavy sleeper – but, eventually you get out of bed and you’ve won the biggest battle of the day.  At this point, encourage yourself by saying “I won” out loud.


Step 4 – The Plan

Morning minutes move fast.  Planning the evening before affords you more time the next day.  Benjamin Franklin said it best, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’  Be purposeful with the time you’ve reclaimed.  Create a routine so you know exactly what comes next.

At nights, my coffee, breakfast and outfit are set.  In the morning, my routine looks like this.

  • 3:30am (don’t judge me)                Free journal writing | Drink a bottle of water
  • 3:40am                                              Devotion | Prayer | Meditation
  • 4:00am                                              Workout
  • 4:25am                                              Cool shower | Get dressed
  • 4:50am                                              Breakfast


With time, commitment to your routine will remove some decision making, which could be a real drag on your mornings.


Noticed that I haven’t mentioned social media or the news yet?  That’s because the above is YOUR time.  It’s important to tune in to yourself before you tune in to the rest of the world.  The news and media are all around you.  Most likely, by the time you get to work, you would have probably heard or read today’s headlines.


Don’t discount yourself.  Take the time to be good to yourself and you’ll find that you’ll raise the bar on serving others.