In today’s volatile markets, AUM declines and increased regulatory requirements have caused a reduction in the number of investment research providers hedge funds have on their list.

Providers who manage to stay on board have been cherry picked due to talent, price or operational feasibility. 

Optimizing relationships in this environment is key.

Provanah shows how you use your research budget, providers, and subscription licenses.  It gives you a competitive advantage – even if you have very few providers. 

Consider these 5 key tactics help you get more from your investment research providers.

  • Share your interest list

Sharing a clean list of tickers position you to get the best research from providers.  It helps you maintain focus and minimize the noise. 

  • Educate your providers

Treating your provider as a partner will help your investment strategy.  Take a moment to share the types of research and meetings you value most.  This gives them an opportunity to actively participate in your investment strategy goals.

  • Know all services offered by your provider

Do you know every service your provider offers?  If not, insert FOMO here.  Learn their strengths, corporate access, best covered names and geographies.  This is key.  We align this strategy through our software.

  • Keep your corporate access meetings

Last-minute cancelations are a HUGE pain point for investment research providers and can lead to lower service levels.  If you’re unable to avoid a cancelation, mitigate the issue by sending a replacement or communicating your absence to your salesperson.

  • Be a resource

Relationships are two-way streets.  Find out the best way to be a resource to your research providers where possible.

In my experience, the more providers know about you and what you want, the better your service is.